Volclay® Bentonite


Product Description

When Volclay is mixed with soil and hydrated, the Volclay expands to fifteen times its volume forming a mechanical bond with surrounding soils and filling the voids between the soil particles. This creates a barrier that effectively stops further seepage through the soil, and in addition decreases the permeability of soil several orders of magnitude. Bentonite can withstand dessication, hydration and freeze-thaw cycling without losing its sealing ability.


For in situ subaqueous capping of contaminated sediments or post-dredge residual sediments. RCM provides a reactive material that treats contaminants which are carried by advective or diffusive flow. Reactive cap allows for thinner cap thickness than a traditional sand cap. Additional benefits of geotextiles provide stability and physical isolation. RCM can also be used for embankment seepage control and groundwater remediation.

Features and Benefits

  • High swelling capacity – only a small percentage of Volclay is needed reducing the required applications rate.
  • Product variety – allows for several different methods of application, allowing customers a more diverse choice of use.
  • Access to the largest bentonite reserves in the world – CETCO is able to provide the most consistent and highest quality soil sealants available.
  • Offering treated bentonites that perform well in environments with contaminated waters that contain dissolved salt, acid or alkali – gives a solution to these typical conditions that decrease untreated bentonites swelling and sealing capabilities.
  • Three processing locations across the United States – shipping costs are reduced significantly.
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